To access the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership eLearning modules previously available here,
please follow the instructions below:

Create account:

1. Go to: http://learn.nctsn.org/
2. Go to the banner at the top of the page, "Special Topics" and click on "Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership" from the drop down list.
3. Click "Create New Account".
4. Sign up for new account.  Under "Affiliation to NCTSN" you can click either "I am an organizational affiliate" (for those that work at HHYP agencies)
or "I am not part of the NCTSN network" (for those that don't). 

Take classes:

1. Go to: http://learn.nctsn.org/
2. Log in.
3. Select "Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership" either from the banner at the top of the page or along the left border.
4. Click on the module that you want to watch.
5. Take the test at the end of each module.